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Electronic Journal of Political Science Studies (EJPSS), a bi-annual peer-reviewed international journal, publishes original research articles in political science, international relations and cognate disciplines. EJPSS contain articles in three languages (Turkish, German and English), and is published twice a year in June and January, after all articles peer-reviewed by at least two experts.

EJPSS gives place to the unpublished and original articles, which contribute to the theoretical and contemporary problems in the field of political science and international relations in an analytical and original framework. Article submitted to this journal must not have been published before in any form, and after its publication in EJPSS it should not be published without the prior permission of the editors. Congress contributions can be published unless if it does not published in proceedings.

The opinion put forward in the articles published in the EJPSS is in no way connected with the aims, objectives and outlook of the EJPSS editors and editorial board. The responsibility of the contributions belongs to the writer.

EJPSS is indexed in Die Elektronische Zeitschriften Bibliothek (EZB) (The Electronic Journals Library) University of Regensburg/ Germany and EBSCOhost Publishing

ISSN 1309-7008


Prof. Dr. Fahri Türk, Trakya University

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı, Middle East Technical University
Prof. Dr. Nazif Shahrani, Indiana University
Prof. Dr. Tarık Oğuzlu, Antalya Bilim University
Prof. Dr. Erol Esen, Mediterranean University
Prof. Dr. Henry E. Hale, George Washington University
Prof. Dr. Burak Gümüş, Trakya University
Prof. Dr. Olaf Leiße, Friedrich Schiller University
Prof. Dr. Tomohiko Uyama, Hokkaido University
Prof. Dr. George Sanikidze, Ilia State University
Prof. Mujib Alam, Jamia Millia Islamia University
Assoc. Prof. Deniz Akagül, Lille University

English Language Editor

Assoc. Prof. Esra Pakin Albayrakoğlu, Bahçeşehir University

German Language Editor

Prof. Dr. Burak Gümüş, Trakya University

Publication Coordinator

Lecturer Taner Karakuzu, Trakya University
Lecturer İlker Limon, Trakya University

Journal Owner

Prof. Dr. Fahri Türk

Internet Adviser

Netsasoft – Deniz Mertkan Gezgin


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