Elektronik Siyaset Bilimi Araştırmaları Dergisi
Die Elektronische Zeitschrift für politikwissenschaftliche Studien
Electronic Journal of Political Science Studies
Haziran 2017 Cilt:8 Sayı:2
Juni 2017 Vol:8 Num:2
June 2017 Vol:8 No:2
Article: Kurdisch-Islamische Synthese am Beispiel der Tageszeitung „Doğru Haber“
Author: Burak GÜMÜŞ

The Doğru Haber (True News) is the daily newspaper of the Kurdish-Islamist Free Cause Party with links to the Kurdish Hezbollah Organization and evaluates the Turkish politics from both a separatist and an Islamist point of view. The attitude of this national-Islamist daily newspaper towards important issues of Turkish politics (Kurds in Turkey, Iraq and Syria, the ruling Justice and Development Party government, the April referendum for a constitutional amendment for the introduction of an authoritarian-presidential republic) in its headlines, news coverage and the columns is subjected to a qualitative media analysis. This study explores the political orientation of this daily.

Keywords: Hezbollah, Doğru Haber, Free Cause Party, Kurdish-Islamic Synthesis, Media Analysis

PDF File: Kurdisch-Islamische Synthese am Beispiel der Tageszeitung „Doğru Haber“