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Kuruluş 2010 ISSN 1309-7008
Turkish (Turkiye)English (United Kingdom)Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)
PDF Yazdır e-Posta
Elektronik Siyaset Bilimi Araştırmaları Dergisi
Die Elektronische Zeitschrift für politikwissenschaftliche Studien
Electronic Journal of Political Science Studies
Haziran 2014 Cilt:5 Sayı:2
Juni 2014 Vol:5 Num:2
June 2014 Vol:5 No:2
Article: Status and Situation of the Jews in Turkey: Historical Lines of Development and contemporary Circumstances in the Context of socio-political Transformations
Author: Christoph GIESEL

The Turkish Jewish community looks back to a long tradition in Anatolia and Western Thrace. Their particularly strong reticence is one of the main reasons why few wellresearched studies of this group exist. It can, however, be expected that Turkey‟s Jewish community will become significantly smaller in the medium term. This is likely to be the result of various potential social and political threats, further assimilation into Turkish culture and systematic emigration to Israel, Europe and elsewhere.

This paper aims to provide a general, but comprehensive overview of historical, political, social, ethnic-religious and legal situation of Turkey‟s Jews. It includes information about their characteristics, spread, religious- ethnographic facets, migration processes, the socio-political status and circumstances in past and present and others. Beside it, this study focuses on socio-psychological and socio-anthropological aspects (like issues of assimilation, identity, social and political attitudes and ethnic mimicry). The main sections of this paper are dealing with the situation of the Jewry during the Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Formation of Turkish Nationalism from the 19 th Century to 1920, as well as basic political conditions and situation of the Jewry within the context of the socio-political changes in Turkey from the late 1980s until today.

Keywords: Ethnic mimicry, Socio-political Transformation, Religious Minority Issues, Assimilation, Genesis and Erosion of Turkish Ethno-Nationalism

PDF File: Status and Situation of the Jews in Turkey: Historical Lines of Development and contemporary Circumstances in the Context of socio-political Transformations
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